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Why is Your Fridge Making Weird Sounds?

Nowadays, refrigerators are extremely quiet compared to the old ones. Because of this, you might be startled when you hear any weird sounds coming from your modern fridge. However, when should you be alarmed about your fridge making noise and what noise specify normal function?

Today, we are going to help you figure out if you should hire a professional appliance repair company to fix those weird sounds your fridge is making. For more information, visit

Fridge Makes Vibrating Sound

The compressor of a fridge can make a vibrating noise as it works. Typically, this does not present an issue and will stop when the compressor isn’t working anymore. But, a continuous vibrating noise can present a loose part, an indication that the fridge is not level, or a defective fan motor. Also, vibrating noises can happen if your fridge is too close to a cabinet or a wall.

Examine your fridge to ensure every drawer and the interior shelf is secure and that it is at least 2 to 4 inches from any surface. Consult the manual of the fridge to figure out how to adjust the legs properly if the fridge is not level.

Loud Thumping Sound

You might be surprised when you hear a loud thumping noise from your fridge. However, typically, it occurs as ice cubes drop into the ice bucket. You should not worry because it’s part of the regular function of your fridge and it can occur each time the ice maker produces ice.

Running or Gurgling Water

A fridge that is making noise that sounds like gurgling could happen as water flows to the ice maker to create ice. Aside from that, you might also hear a gurgling noise as the liquid refrigerant runs through the evaporator and heat exchanger of the fridge.

But, it can present an issue with the defrost system if you discover puddles around or in the fridge. Too much condensation can mean that the gasket around the fridge door is torn or dirty. This enables cold air to escape. It is recommended that you contact a professional appliance repair company to replace the torn gasket or examine the defrost system.

Clicking Sounds

The latest refrigerators on the market utilize electronic controls for a lot of tasks and most of these controls can produce a clicking sound when you turn off and on. A fridge’s clicking sound can happen when the controls of the freezer turn on and off the compressor or whenever the defrost cycle is stopping or starting. Typically, the clicking sounds stop after a couple of seconds.

There is a chance that the water inlet or water line has loosened if you hear a constant clicking sound that does not stop. To ensure it isn’t broken and is secure, examine the connection of the water line.

Thus, how loud should your fridge be in this age of quiet refrigerators? If you think that your fridge is having some problems, do not hesitate to contact an appliance repair company right away.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

Do you have a garage door that is not working properly? Though it might be obvious to you that you have to address the situation, you might not be certain of what services you really need. On a lot of occasions, you might be torn between replacing your old garage door or fixing it.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we are going to share with you a couple of reasons why you should replace it instead of fixing it. If you want to know more, simply visit

A New Garage Door Will Add to the Curb Appeal of Your House

Of course, your garage door is one noticeable element of your property that can be seen by every person who passes by. Because of that, you should take advantage of it and install a new sleek design to make your house more elegant. You will certainly be able to look for the ideal new garage door for your house, with a range of colors and styles to choose from.

Having a New Garage Door Installed Can Save You Money

Aside from saving money that you would have spent on fixing it, you can also save money on your utility bill. The reason for this is that your old garage door might not be insulated properly. If this is the case, you might have a hard time cooling or heating your house. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency with garage door installation.

Why Spend Money on a Single Repair When You Can Simply Install a New One?

You want your garage door to be secure, just like any door in your house. Older model garage doors are easier for a possible intruder to pass through. On the other hand, newer models are much safer and more secure. The reason for this is that new features are added that prevent common injuries. If you install a garage door, you can easily protect yourself in a lot of ways.

Are You Continuously having Problems with Your Garage Door?

Garage doors that do not properly operate can be more than simply a headache. Broken garage doors can also be expensive and dangerous. You should not risk damage to your property or injury to your family. Also, you should not spend on constant repairs. It is probably time to install a new door if your garage door simply cannot seem to be fixed, won’t totally close constantly, or is always creating odd sounds.

Do You Have an Outdated and Old Garage Door?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you really have to think about installing a new one. Older garage doors do not have a lot of security features that the latest models have. This makes them a lot risker generally. Also, older garage doors are more prone to burglars as well. The reason for this is that most burglars know the ins and outs of an old garage door. Thus, if you do not want to put yourself at risk, you should upgrade your old garage door.

Things Homeowners Forget When Remodeling a Bathroom

One of the little known pleasures of life is remodeling a bathroom. The reason for this is that you can build something extremely unique for your family. However, the issue is that people get stuck considering all the various vanities, shower screens, bathtubs, and tiles and tend to forget a couple of the less remarkable features of their bathroom.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the vital, yet forgotten elements of the bathroom. These are features that you’ve got to tackle in your Lexington bath remodel project.

Leave Space for Cleaning

You shouldn’t pack in all things so tight that it is hard to clean around things if you’ve got a tiny bathroom. You require enough room between the walls, shower, bath, and vanity to fit the head of a vacuum, your hand holding a duster or a mop. If can be really frustrating to see an accumulation of dead insects, dust, or dirt that you aren’t able to clean since you cannot access it.

Excellent Ventilation

If you want to keep your bathroom free from mold, ventilation is vital. However, oftentimes, it is an element that is not prioritized. You’ve got to ensure that the exhaust fan is huge enough for the area and that it vets to the outdoors. Else, all the moist warm air will sit in the roof, promoting mold to develop unnoticeable in your attic. A window is an excellent element in the bathroom. However, oftentimes, it isn’t enough to keep the bath mold-free. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you have the correct ventilation system for your space.

The Next Owner

You really have to balance the resale value of your property against your style, just like any house renovation. For instance, you probably want a yellow tile for your bathroom. However, will buyers really like that color scheme if you have to sell your house at some point? You need to concentrate on a timeless style. However, this does not mean that you cannot have an elegant bathroom that fits your style. You simply have to be careful. If you actually like the color yellow, you can incorporate it in your window dressings, plant pots, light shades, towels, and much more.

Slip-Proof Flooring

Almost every single one of us knows that tiles can be extremely dangerous and slippery, whether you’ve got dogs, young kids, or elderly relatives. Because of this, you have to prioritize non-slip tiles for your new bathroom instead of investing in a shiny one. There are a lot of elegant non-slip tiles out there. Thus, you will not have to be stuck with institutional type or traditional tiles.

Enough Storage

Storage is a big problem in bathrooms. Thus, you’ve got to consider it before you install anything. This is particularly true if you’re installing something that does not offer storage. You will need enough storage for your towels, cleaning solutions, bath products, beauty products, makeup, and much more. Thus, you can think about mirrored units, shelving, and cabinet style vanity units.

Cleaning Stamped Concrete

You have probably read a lot of articles about how a stamped concrete can make your house look as excellent as possible. Of course, there is no doubt about that. After all, you can install stamped concrete in many parts of your property. This includes your garage, your patio, your driveway, and much more. Stamped concrete will certainly impress any person who steps inside your property.

However, just like any other materials out there, stamped concrete still requires routine maintenance. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips on how to clean your stamped concrete Houston TX.

Garage Floor

If there is a particular area that is going to acquire oil stains, it is your garage floor. After an oil change, even a car in great shape can still leak a little oil. This means that the oil is going to end up on the concrete driveway or your garage floor. If this is the case, you will have to use a degreaser specifically made for concrete. All you’ve got to do is buy one at your nearest home improvement store and follow the directions in the label.

Sealing Your Stamped Concrete

All stamped concrete driveways or patios are going to show a couple of indications of cracking after a severe winter or simply regular wear and tear. You will want to find these cracks as fast as possible since it is going to get worse exponentially once the cracking starts. This is particularly true if left ignored. The reason for this is that water leaks inside the cracks expands when freezing, and causes even bigger cracks.

It is vital to contact an expert when this happens. You can also do the job by yourself and seal the cracks. For those who don’t know, almost every stamped concrete can be sealed using a high-quality concrete sealer whenever the weather is warm. You definitely don’t want to seal your stamped concrete if it is raining or snowing.

Pressure Wash

Power washing, commonly known as pressure washing, is the process of utilizing a device of compressed water to get rid of built-up dirt on any surface. A power washing machine can be electric powered or gas-powered. Also, you can probably rent one at a regular home improvement shop. When you rent one, you should also buy a detergent for concrete.


You may not consider sweeping as a vital stamped concrete maintenance routine. However, the truth is that sweeping can help your stamped concrete patio maintain its excellent condition. Stamped concrete can be stained by dead leaves that are left ignored for a long period. The reason for this is that the leaves are breaking down organically and producing chemical reactions that can stain concrete. In general, these stains can be permanent. That is why it is always an excellent move to keep your stamped concrete patio clear of leaves and other debris. If your concrete is already stained, a professional stamped concrete contractor can help get rid of it.

Advantages of Sheffield Metal Roofing

Roofing technology is rapidly progressing. One company known as Sheffield Metals is at the forefront of this advancement. This company is changing the way people think about metal roofs and their eco-friendly and stylistically unique applications to the roofing’s future.

If you want to install metal roofing San Antonio, here are a couple of reasons why you should think about Sheffield Metals roof:

Eco-Friendly Roofing

Sheffield Metal roofs are mostly made from recycled materials. Thus, you will not have to worry about asphalt waste in landfills since you are helping to lower it. Also, you are achieving the advantages of your environmentally-friendly option. Your roof can be recycled completely if it eventually has to be replaced.

Energy Efficiency

The COOLR technology, which is exclusive to Sheffield Metals, works by reflecting the rays of the sun. It sends away from your house on a hot summer day. This will save you 12-17% on your AC bill on average. On the other hand, asphalt is helpful for keeping your house warm in the winter. However, it doesn’t help you to cool down your home. Instead, asphalt absorbs heat from the sun and makes it more expensive and harder to keep cool.

Safe and Protective

Because of its natural wind resistant properties, metal is a lot safer compared to other materials. A Sheffield Metals roof will not develop holes or cracks. They’re able to hold up under severe weather conditions. They can even withstand events such as a falling tree. In addition to that, the metal surface is fire-resistant. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your roof catching fire. The roof isn’t really that heavy despite its amazing benefits. Thus, it won’t add stress to the structure of your house.

Very Durable

Metal roofs constructed with Sheffield Metals can last for 4 up to 7 decades. On the other hand, the lifespan of an asphalt roof is short. Usually, you’ll have to replace it around 1 to 2 decades. Aside from that, metal roofs need fewer repairs. On the other hand, you might have to replace or repair loose shingles each time a strong wind blows on your asphalt roofing. Metal roofs can withstand any elements such as hail and high winds. The metal will not affect its integrity even it’s dented. This means that it will keep on protecting you and your family from the elements.

Customizable and Colorful

We all know that a metal roof can accomplish an extremely unique appearance at your house. Sheffield Metals provide the benefit of being highly customizable. This means that your house will certainly stand out under the sun. This company provides an online visualizer tool where you can try out various styles and colors using an image of your house. Because this material is ultra-light, installation is easy after you have picked the right shade. You can immediately begin enjoying your custom metal roof. This is the reason why Sheffield Metals is ahead of the competition when it comes to eco-friendly technology, range of color options, affordability, and durability.