You have probably read a lot of articles about how a stamped concrete can make your house look as excellent as possible. Of course, there is no doubt about that. After all, you can install stamped concrete in many parts of your property. This includes your garage, your patio, your driveway, and much more. Stamped concrete will certainly impress any person who steps inside your property.

However, just like any other materials out there, stamped concrete still requires routine maintenance. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips on how to clean your stamped concrete Houston TX.

Garage Floor

If there is a particular area that is going to acquire oil stains, it is your garage floor. After an oil change, even a car in great shape can still leak a little oil. This means that the oil is going to end up on the concrete driveway or your garage floor. If this is the case, you will have to use a degreaser specifically made for concrete. All you’ve got to do is buy one at your nearest home improvement store and follow the directions in the label.

Sealing Your Stamped Concrete

All stamped concrete driveways or patios are going to show a couple of indications of cracking after a severe winter or simply regular wear and tear. You will want to find these cracks as fast as possible since it is going to get worse exponentially once the cracking starts. This is particularly true if left ignored. The reason for this is that water leaks inside the cracks expands when freezing, and causes even bigger cracks.

It is vital to contact an expert when this happens. You can also do the job by yourself and seal the cracks. For those who don’t know, almost every stamped concrete can be sealed using a high-quality concrete sealer whenever the weather is warm. You definitely don’t want to seal your stamped concrete if it is raining or snowing.

Pressure Wash

Power washing, commonly known as pressure washing, is the process of utilizing a device of compressed water to get rid of built-up dirt on any surface. A power washing machine can be electric powered or gas-powered. Also, you can probably rent one at a regular home improvement shop. When you rent one, you should also buy a detergent for concrete.


You may not consider sweeping as a vital stamped concrete maintenance routine. However, the truth is that sweeping can help your stamped concrete patio maintain its excellent condition. Stamped concrete can be stained by dead leaves that are left ignored for a long period. The reason for this is that the leaves are breaking down organically and producing chemical reactions that can stain concrete. In general, these stains can be permanent. That is why it is always an excellent move to keep your stamped concrete patio clear of leaves and other debris. If your concrete is already stained, a professional stamped concrete contractor can help get rid of it.